Monero wallet generator

This page generates a new Monero (or Aeon, Townforge) wallet. It is self-contained and does all the necessary calculations locally. You can download this page, open the HTML file on your computer and use it to generate a wallet offline.

There are two ways to use this page:
  • Online: browse this page at and generate a new wallet
  • Offline: Download the zip file and extract it locally. Open the "wallet-generator.html" page and follow the instructions. You can also use the dedicated guide on Getmonero

After you have generated the wallet and keys, print the info displayed on the page to a file or physical paper. Keep this information safe!

To generate a new wallet, follow the steps in this page and read the guide How to create a Monero paper wallet on Getmonero.

1. Choose a cryptocurrency

Besides Monero, you can also create offline wallets for Aeon and Townforge. For what cryptocurrency are you creating a wallet?

I'm creating a wallet for

2. Generate wallet

In what language would you like your Mnemonic seed to be displayed?

You are almost done! Now you have two options:
  • Generate wallet: Just click on the button to create your wallet. You also have the possibility to add custom entropy (regular users can ignore it)
  • Generate wallet with prefix: Same as using the "Generate wallet" option, but you can generate a custom primary address.

Custom entropy for deterministic wallet (leave empty to use the browser's PRNG)


(very slow for more than a few characters. The address must start with 4)

3. Save generated wallet

Below are the details of your generated wallet. Make sure to note down at least the mnemonic seed to maintain access to the wallet. A QR code pointing to your wallet's address is also generated.

This page can be printed to file or paper in a print-friendly format which will contain all the info below.

Public address

This is the address you give to third parties to send coins to you. It can be safely shared publicly.

4. Verify

This step is optional but highly recommended, as it will allow you to verify that this wallet generator hasn't been tampered in any way.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the signature file: wallet-generator.html.asc
  2. Download binaryFate's key and import it (e.g. gpg --import binaryfate.asc)
  3. Now verify the signature of the generator. With GPG: gpg --verify wallet-generator.html.asc

If everything went ok you'll see a message like "gpg: Good signature[...]"


Made by moneromooo. Original CSS by antanst, crypto fixes by luigi111. Based on code from MyMonero. Updated and adapted for by ErCiccione. Copyright notices in the source. The original generator is in moneromooo's repository.