Monero'ya Katkıda Bulunulması

Monero açık kaynak kodlu, topluluk güdümlü bir projedir. Aşağıda projeyi desteklemenin birçok yolu tarif edilmiştir.

Ağı Destekleyin

Tam Düğüm Çalıştırın

An easy and effective way to help the Monero network is to run a node. Nodes ensure the network keeps running safe and decentralized. A simple fully synchronized node is enough to help the network, but if you want to go out of your way, you could run an open remote node, to allow other people to connect to it.

We have several guides to help you run and configure your node: VPS’te düğüm çalıştırılması, How to run a node through I2P with I2P-zero, How to use Monero on Tails. See all User Guides.


Monero is open source and permissionless; contributors are welcome and encouraged. A developer may contribute in numerous way to different projects:

This list only includes the tools stewarded by the core team, but the Monero ecosystem is much more vast. People can contribute to the development of libraries, services, documentation, graphics, etc. The list is virtually infinite. Contact or join the workgroup(s) to which you'd like to contribute. See the Monero Workgroups.

Madencilik Yapın

Mining ensures the safety of the network. Monero uses randomx, an ASIC-resistant algorithm developed by Monero contributors, which aims to remain mineable by common consumer-grade hardware. For more info about mining see the dedicated Mining page.

Forum Fonlama Sistemini Görüntüleyin

Monero utilizes a community crowdfunding system whereby projects are proposed for development and community-funded. Funding is held in escrow and remunerated to developers once programming milestones are achieved. Anyone may generate new proposals or fund existing ones.


Donations to the general fund are used in case of emergencies or need. Infrastructure costs are currently covered by sponsors.

General Fund

You can donate both Monero and Bitcoin:




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Alternatif bağış yolları için veya Monero Projesine sponsor olmak istiyorsanız dev[at]getmonero[dot]org a e-posta gönderin.

Support the developers

The developers working on Monero are mostly indepentent volunteers, but some of them may be funded through CCS proposals. If you wish to support their efforts by donating some XMRs, consider contacting them personally or using tipping services.

You can find an overview of the people who directly contribute, or have contributed, to the Monero repositories (along with other useful statistics) on Monero's OpenHub page.


You can also support Monero through a sponsorship program. See the dedicated Sponsorships page for more info.