Monero 'Fluorine Fermi' released

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This is the v0.18.3.3 release of the Monero software. This release fixes connecting to password protected nodes.

Some highlights of this release are:

  • Wallet: fix connecting to password protected nodes (#9238)
  • Add support for RISC-V update notifications (#9229)
  • Rename trunc_amount back to amount in ECDH tuple field (#9244)

The complete list of changes is available on GitHub, along with the source code.

Contributors for this Release

This release was the direct result of 3 people who worked, largely unpaid and altruistically, to put out 8 commits containing 30 new lines of code. We'd like to thank them very much for their time and effort. In no particular order they are:

  • luigi1111
  • selsta
  • jeffro256


The new binaries can be downloaded from the Downloads page or from the direct links below.


If you would like to verify that you have downloaded the correct file, please use the following SHA256 hashes:, a35e96680543d1385a9958940bc64a8effd41594599a504e02f95bb6018f0d1c, a8248e46a7e72a483507c11243227c1d0335cca0b109860b6c1c570e32cb57a6
monero-mac-x64-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, 34b01bc4466bd1294f7b2403da5bd61e3ec4a8ceff52ca5f5d506261368b8b94
monero-mac-armv8-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, c59aca8a5ecc1c97df0288bf79a3110201a30530fb4d685c0ea2f9a64c1adafe
monero-linux-x64-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, 47c7e6b4b88a57205800a2538065a7874174cd087eedc2526bee1ebcce0cc5e3
monero-linux-x86-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, b1dd19a12d764f2e9fc8e4dc9d172da13e11020b609765849b98248eef509763
monero-linux-armv8-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, eb3f924c085ae5df85f5bf9ee27faaa20acd309835684e27e3fbb98b9666b649
monero-linux-armv7-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, f3f982b141cb6c88939d15a83aaa26334d628c0d2766d6834371030dd00401d3
monero-linux-riscv64-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2 b54dcedd901c69c81144f952dd8d844da9f2f07c6c37c89977a056f5555b35aa
monero-android-armv8-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, dee23cedc25183f6fe864911f357edb0b0fed514eaf79e01096fe27c00a8d996
monero-android-armv7-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, 9be3c50b6d9080a9a90ed3dff48678102cfe7bdded4a0d4932184b1da2ca4373
monero-freebsd-x64-v0.18.3.3.tar.bz2, d9a3df4e287e7b622bcf33b8ad186aad65b41973f1de053208f1e6203e7ab986

A GPG-signed list of the hashes is at and should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code (in /utils/gpg_keys). To ensure that the files you download are those originally posted by the maintainers, you should both check that the hashes of your files match those on the signed list, and that the signature on the list is valid.

Two guides are available to guide you through the verification process: Verify binaries on Windows (beginner) and Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced).

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