Monero Missive for the Week of 2015-03-16

Publicado por: Riccardo Spagni (fluffypony)

To download the podcast directly please use this link to the MP3, or this link to the AAC/MP4, or this link to the FLAC.

A brief summary of the points discussed follows, a full transcription of the podcast is outstanding (can be submitted via Github Issues).

In this week's podcast we update the progress on the DB, discuss Tippero, talk about decentralising-all-the-things, and discuss the English wordlist bug.

  1. Initial DB merge is about a week away.

  2. Tippero has been officially made publicly available, and allows for tipping on IRC, Reddit, and Twitter! For IRC, send a message to Tippero with !help or !commands. For Reddit, message /u/tippero with !deposit for your address, and tip with +amount /u/tippero optional message in a reply. For Twitter, you can tip with +amount @recipient_person @tipperome optional message. Until Tippero lets you link your accounts across networks you can manually move funds, for eg. on IRC: /msg tippero !tip twitter:fluffyponyza 10 or /msg tippero !tip reddit:fluffyponyza 10.

  3. Not everything needs to be in a blockchain, and not everything can be decentralised with our current level of technological advancement. The Monero core team won't crowbar decentralisation into everything unnecessarily, especially when it has potentially disastrous results.

  4. English mnemonics that contained "incline" or "launchpad" will need to test restoring by replacing "incline" with either "incur" or "inline", and "launchpad" with either "ourselves" or "launching".

Until next week!

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