Monero Press Kit

On this page you'll find press contacts, symbols and logos. Fai attenzione al fatto che i file con lo sfondo bianco presentano lo sfondo bianco SOLAMENTE sotto il simbolo Monero, non in tutta l'immagine. Infine, puoi scaricare tutto ciò che si trova in questa pagina in un unico file zip cliccando qui.


There are multiple ways to contact the community. Depending by what information you are looking for, you might want to contact a workgroup, single members of the community, or the Core Team.

For press inquiries: press[at]getmonero[dot]org

To contact a specific Monero workgroup: Gruppi di lavoro

To contact the many subcommunities: Canali di comunicazione

Why Monero?

Picture of a woman standing in front of a Monero Talk banner

Monero has one of the largest communities of any open-source project. Monero researches, audits, and implements critical security and privacy technologies, which are used by millions worldwide.

Monero is trusted for more private transactions than all other cryptocurrencies combined.

The Monero community has substantial involvement at Defcon, Grayhat and the CCC (Chaos Computer Club). The Monero Konferenco, an academic conference, is hosted annually.

We encourage everyone to include community members from the largest privacy project in related news articles and events.

Picture of fluffypony making a presentation in front of a crowd at DEFCON

Simbolo di Monero

Senza sfondo (PNG)

Piccolo Medio Grande

Sfondo bianco (PNG)

Piccolo Medio Grande

Logo Monero

Senza sfondo (PNG)

Piccolo Medio Grande

Sfondo bianco (PNG)

Piccolo Medio Grande

Altri simboli e loghi

Monero Research Lab logo (SVG)

The logo of the Monero Research Lab in SVG format.

Documentazione per la stampa

Quick-Facts Sheet (inglese)

Un documento veloce e semplice da leggere per conoscere tutto ciò che riguarda Monero: la storia, i fattori chiave che lo differenziano, i fondamenti tecnici e le funzionalità in sviluppo.
Visita il sito Monero Outreach per maggiori informazioni.

Monero Timeline

A timeline of key developments in the Monero history

Marketing Material

The 'Don't buy Monero' sticker

Spread Monero everywhere with the help of this sticker. Available in multiple languages and formats (vectors included).

Guerrilla Toolkit

A document created by the Monero Outreach workgroup containing materials and tips for an effective guerrilla marketing campaign.

Monero Promotional graphics - Badges and stickers for websites

Various graphics and Badges created by TheMonera, for both merchants and simple enthusiasts.