Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2017-04-09

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<anonimal> 1. Greetings
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> 3. Preparation for 96boards.org OpenHours showcase for Kovri / Monero
<anonimal> 4. Status of Monero HackerOne umbrella and bounty
<anonimal> 5. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> 6. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<anonimal> Hellloooo
<i2p-relay> {-olark} Hello party people
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] howdy!
<guzzi> Hello
<moroccanmalinois> hi
<rehrar> Hi (observing excitedly)
<i2p-relay> {-iDunk} Hi
* moneromooo greets again
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] no excitement allowed rehrar
<bigreddmachine> hi
<rehrar> I'll see myself out then.
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> For me, the past two weeks have spent focusing on 4 things: fixing the OpenBSD dynamic build, PR review/fixes/collaboration, NTCP, and RI (router info).
<anonimal> a. Jeff at crypto++ has not been responsive lately so my CMake fix for their dynamic OpenBSD is still sitting in PR hell.
<anonimal> b. Both moroccanmalinois and rakhimov have been PR'ing some great work
<anonimal> c. Over time I've done bits and pieces of work on the NTCP implementation but hadn't had the chance to do a full study in java I2P's implementation until recently.
<anonimal> Combined with more spec review (forunately, the spec is small) I've come up with 33 questions/TODOs specifically about, and for, our implementation.
<anonimal> Once that was done, it turned out that I couldn't move forward until I worked out any potential RI issues.
<anonimal> d. That lead me to the unmaintainable mess of our forked RI implementation, which has been neglected, so now at a minimum I'm working on a RI parser/reader/writer refactor. From there, unit-test and then back to NTCP so I can close that damn milestone issue >:|
<anonimal> So, that's just on my end. Anyone else?
<anonimal> I know guzzi is doing study for RAII refactoring.
<bigreddmachine> Salti's holding pattern for webextensions in FF is making progress
<anonimal> Oooo cool
<anonimal> How are they doing on that front?
<bigreddmachine> 1 of two issues i'm tracking are finished, second is still a ways off
<guzzi> Review client context implimenting raii
<bigreddmachine> and no dev docs yet
<moroccanmalinois> Looking at reload server tunnels https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/blob/master/src/client/context.cc#L321
<anonimal> Excellent, that all sounds good. Anything else before we move onto 3.?
<i2p-relay> {-olark} I have been slowly evaluating what will be needed to replace supercop with tweetnacl
<anonimal> (well, I'm hoping FF will move faster but it sounds like they're at least moving)
<i2p-relay> {-olark} Can rip out all the ecdsa sig types at the same time to work towards the identity refactor work
<bigreddmachine> anonimal: yes. progress is progress.
<anonimal> olark: ok this is for #485, sounds good. Would you be able to resolve #345 in the mean time?
<i2p-relay> {-olark} For EdDSA
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] major thunderstorm here, so if I don't respond it's because I've been struck by lightning (or my house has)
<anonimal> Eeek! No charred pony!
<i2p-relay> {-olark} anonimal: Sure
<anonimal> fluffypony can you see the meeting or is internet intermittent?
<anonimal> olark: nice!
<anonimal> Ok, moving forward,
<i2p-relay> {-olark} I will find the time. I have been neglecting kovri :(
<anonimal> Yes, come back soon ;)
<anonimal> 3. Preparation for 96boards.org OpenHours showcase for Kovri / Monero
<anonimal> Speaking of neglecting, I hope we don't let this opportunity slip by ^
<anonimal> Does anyone know of any effect voice masking software? Military grade (if there is such a thing).
<anonimal> *effective
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] anonimal: nothing I know of, but I also don't know if that would be worthwhile or weird
<i2p-relay> * fluffypony tries to convince anonimal to come out the pseudonymous closet
<i2p-relay> {-pigeons} yeah its annoying as hell to listen to
<i2p-relay> {-pigeons} mouthful of marbles works ok though
<anonimal> I hear that Barry Manilow recently came out of the closet.
<guzzi> Pennies
* anonimal not that I'm a fan, nor am I in that sort of closet
<anonimal> Well, I'm curious to hear the public's opinion on whether I should de-anon. Thoughts?
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] yes!
<anonimal> moneromooo ^ #monero-dev
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] i will be your bodyguard
<anonimal> lol awesome! X)
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] anonimal: only reason I suggest it is because Kovri does need a voice, but ultimately it's your call
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] weren't you already on the monero missives?
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] gingeropolous: no, that was jeff
<moneromooo> What ? What's in #monero-dev ?
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] anonimal: just think… we can hang out at meetups and such :)
<i2p-relay> {-olark} Ultimately your choice anonimal.
<i2p-relay> {-olark} Don't feel pressured to come out becuase people want you to ;)
<sgp> ^ seconded
<anonimal> gingeropolous: ^ not Jeff at crypto++, Jeff a former problem contributor who, as he said, has family in U.S. intelligence.
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] he's satoshi.
<anonimal> moneromooo I meant 'what's your opinion if any?'
* anonimal and also threw question at #monero-dev in same line, sorry
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] my apologies. I obviously know whos who here.
<moneromooo> Of whether you should de-anon ? I wouldn't want to influence you to.
<anonimal> Oh np, just clarifying since I said "Jeff" earlier.
<moneromooo> My view is that the more people actively keep their privacy, the less the massive pressure on everyone else to shed their privacy is.
<anonimal> Hmm, good point.
<moneromooo> Not really related to this particular case, but having 99% of people not care about their privacy means that companies and everyone can just screw privacy and not get any noticeable blowback.
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] think only anonimal's in the position anonimal's in as kovri lead tho
<moneromooo> So I use Tor for random run off the mill browsing partly for that reason too.
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] moneromooo: yes, but this is about his status as a contributor and maintainer
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] after all, things get really boring if I'm the only one talking at conferences
<moneromooo> Well, his choice, and I don't want to interfere in it. But thanks for asking :)
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] <3
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] i wouldn't go that far fluffy
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] you could just "hire" a spokesperson to be your IRL talking head
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] and they just happen to know a whole lot about everything
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] rent-a-body
<anonimal> Ok, so I'm hearing that if I de-anon I get a free(?) bodyguard and can freely promote more-so than what I can do now. I'm also hearing that no one wants to put that kind of pressure of a decision on me.
<anonimal> I have to say though, I'm wearing more than 1 cap at any given time. Maybe one-too-many? It was a relief to finally sit down and write some code this week. It had been way too long since I've done that and I'm ALWAYS HERE working on kovri!
<iDunk> I think gingeropolous suggested you should invent an alter ego for public appearances :)
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] you can choose when to do talks and when to reply to ppl imo
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] and i bet others will jump in to help
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] "I'm fluffy…errrr…fluffynonimal, and I'm a Kovri developer"
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] just a question of letting us know how we can help
<i2p-relay> {-pigeons} even if you do come out, still consider the marbles for talks
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] well iDunk now its ruined
<iDunk> Damn
<anonimal> lol, I'll just show up with marbles in my mouth.
<anonimal> I must say that, adding public-relations, I love the thought, but I do also love writing code.
<anonimal> And people love targets, so that's always something to concern myself with.
<sgp> You can still do both. Choose the proportion you want
<anonimal> "just a question of letting us know how we can help" <– thanks endogenic. I think what will help are 2 things:
<anonimal> sgp good point
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] anonimal: I think that there's probably less scope to talk about Kovri at conferences right now anyway, but it would be nice for someone to do some podcasts etc. in future
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] podcasts are a great idea. i honestly doubt most ppl who want to use something like tor even know tor needs an alternative
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] and i'd enjoy learning more about the kovri tech in that format
<anonimal> What would help: 1. more people get more familiar with kovri technology so they can answer questions and promote too. And 2. maybe everyone present can give me a solid "yes" or "no" on if they want me to de-anon (i.e., putting aside any other thoughts and responding purely on instinctual feelings)
<anonimal> bigreddmachine: ^ re: podcast, my decision sooner than later will effect that
<i2p-relay> [gingeropolous] just go full Mr. Robot. Loose touch with reality, veer into psychosis, and then even you don't know who you are.
<anonimal> lololol gingeropolous X)
<sgp> I just started watching that show. 1 season in. No spoilers please!
<ArticMine> To de-anon should be personal chice in my opinion
<anonimal> Ok I'd say we're on a tangent for point 3 but this kind of needs to be done IMHO.
<ArticMine> choice
<anonimal> All in favor of me de-anoning: yay or nay?
* anonimal don't be shy!
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] i personally agree it must be personal too. sry to be difficult. there are tradeoffs for sure
<sgp> Pros: can talk about it more openly, attract new talent with greater outreach, better inform community about developments. Cons: more likely to be a target, maybe you're really ugly
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] it's a kind of burden i think
<sgp> (just kidding on second con)
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] anonimal: I don't know if we should vote for that, it's your call
<anonimal> lol sgp maybe I'm missing a face entirely…
<anonimal> fluffypony ok
<anonimal> So resolving 3., fluffypony + pigeons, how's your schedule lately?
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] pigeons is down my side of the world for a couple of weeks, so we can make time around that
<anonimal> Oh neat! Should I contact Robert to schedule a definitive date now?
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] well it depends on if you want to do me + pigeons or you + pigeons
<bigreddmachine> anonimal: soory, was afk. re the podcast bit, if you do decide to de-anon yourself, i'd be happy to host your coming out of the closet party! but garbling voice is doable too.
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] or all 3 of us
<anonimal> fluffypony: I would think either all 3 (or at minimum just you 2). bigreddmachine I'd like to hear/learn more about any garble tech available, even if it's annoying.
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] anonimal: ok let's talk afterwards, and we can schedule it with them
<anonimal> Ok will do
<anonimal> bigreddmachine: I'll PM you later too
<anonimal> Anything else on 3.?
<moneromooo> Voice garbling sounds very reversible (unless it's voice recogniation plus text to speech).
<bigreddmachine> TTS certainly would work.
* anonimal considered TTS, maybe I should learn to type faster first
<anonimal> (or prepared statements?)
<anonimal> (defeats the fun of interviews/speeches/conferences?)
<anonimal> Ok, we'll talk more later.
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] hehe seems a little creepy
<anonimal> 4. Status of Monero HackerOne umbrella and bounty
<moneromooo> Copy and "paste" words from movies, paste them one by one to make up sentences. Like the old words cut off from a newspaper :D
<anonimal> lol moneromooo, not serial-killer-like in any way whatsoever…
<anonimal> re: 4. We have hackerone.com/monero !
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] anonimal: has anything for 4. been written up in the style of an FFS proposal or not yet?
* anonimal grabs only FFS for 4.
<anonimal> Links is in the meta issue, one moment.
<anonimal> https://forum.getmonero.org/6/ideas/87597/monero-bounty-for-hackerone
<anonimal> Is that what you mean?
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] ok - do you want me to move that to Funding Required in its current form?
<anonimal> Eek, I should update?
<anonimal> The prop looks unclear as-is
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] probably worthwhile
<anonimal> We decided on 500 to start
<anonimal> Ok, I'll edit after the meeting or do you need me to do that now?
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] no after is fine
<anonimal> Ok
<anonimal> So for 4, I still have to PR VRP's to the various repos.
<anonimal> Also invite the appropriate people to H1. But fluffypony I think you'll want to do that?
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] sure
<anonimal> moneromooo is already in there. luigi is not yet though.
<anonimal> Alright. From there we should raise the funds first and then start inviting hackers on H1.
<anonimal> Any agreements/disagreements?
<sgp> I agree
<anonimal> Btw, many hackers are already on H1, by invite I mean invite to start looking at our projects.
<anonimal> Ok. Anything else on 4.?
<anonimal> 5. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] nothing else from my side on 4
* anonimal takes peek
<anonimal> re: website issue, is ajs here?
<ajs> present
<anonimal> Hi!
<anonimal> Any news the website front?
<i2p-relay> {-pigeons} No I am the holdup there
<anonimal> Ok. ETA on resolving any holdups?
<bigreddmachine> shoot, i was just about to ask about that. didn't realize we had monero-project/kovri-site. how can i help?
<ajs> have backed up work that has been done and waiting for access to a server
<anonimal> Btw rehrar popped in recently and said him and/or his wife would give a try a logo redesign.
<rehrar> Hi. Yes. :D
<i2p-relay> {-pigeons} i'll try to set something up in 24 hours or so
<anonimal> Wow, that fast? Cool.
<i2p-relay> [pero] so what happened to the logo i did
<anonimal> pero: it was NACK'ed. This was clearly stated in github issue that I posted in the previous meeting.
<rehrar> I'd also like to give the Kovri website a go, pending on the logo and branding. :)
<i2p-relay> [pero] why?
<anonimal> pero: I don't have the files though if that's what you mean.
<anonimal> fluffypony: ^
<i2p-relay> [pero] you were sent the files
<i2p-relay> [pero] so as i see it, a contributor contributed a bunch of time and spiffied up the previous logo
<anonimal> Not anymore. Tis' the magic of deleted emails.
<i2p-relay> [pero] the community was involved too…
<i2p-relay> [pero] then it unilaterally 'nack'd'
<anonimal> Yes. This was all clearly stated in the github PR.
<anonimal> Where is your logo work PR?
<i2p-relay> [pero] wow what a shitty way to waste contributor's time
<anonimal> You PR'd nothing. Community opinion does not equal final decision.
<anonimal> Off you go pero, the resident troll.
<i2p-relay> [pero] lol?
<anonimal> You knew from the start that fluffypony and I would make a final decision. Do I really need to bring up logs from months ago?
<i2p-relay> [pero] the logo assets were emailed to you and pony
<i2p-relay> [pero] there was no request to pr anything
<ajs> rehrar bigreddmachine - I made a very basic Jekyll site.. files at: https://github.com/anonimal/kovri-site
<i2p-relay> [pero] the request was for the files to be emailed
<i2p-relay> [pero] and your 'troll' remark is uncalled for and rude?
<i2p-relay> [pero] wtf is that
<anonimal> pero you have two options: 1. being kicked from this channel for disrupting a meeting or 2. venting into https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/pull/488 for all the world to see.
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] ty ajs. will this be affected by the re-design that rehrar is doing?
<rehrar> Well, I think ideally the redesign that is done for getmonero.org should have an influence on the Kovri website (just influence, not dictate)
<rehrar> and the logo redesign I will propose (just a proposal) I think definitely should have a larger influence on the website
<i2p-relay> [pero] whats so hard about contacting the person that did the work?
<anonimal> rehrar: that sounds good
<rehrar> So before I start working on anything Kovri website related, we're going to try to get a logo to you guys before this week is over.
<rehrar> I'll drop it on here and the Kovri repo as an issue to look over when it's done.
<rehrar> And it is obviously open to suggestions or tweaks when we show it
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] ty rehrar - but from a content standpoint, the re-design is sort-of content agnostic, right? as in, i could write a page and the formatting might change but if it's in a markdown file jekyll will just ingest it and reformat, right?
<rehrar> for Kovri, not getmonero.org, right?
<anonimal> Did you have any plans to re-use material from monero site (as to save time, etc.)?
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] well, both i suppose, but kovri specifically
<ajs> bigreddmachine: site design is rudimentary and could be easily changed if need be
<rehrar> The content is going to be restructured for getmonero.org, I'm not going to do a lot of work on copy, unless people think it's really needed.
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] (sorry, i got us off topic)
* anonimal whatever is easiest to maintain IMHO
<rehrar> Pages will be shuffled around, and some things within pages will be shuffled around (all of this will be submitted in designs prior to everything being built)
<rehrar> as for Kovri, it won't have nearly as much content yet, so I don't think it'll be a huge issue.
<rehrar> does that answer your question?
<rehrar> If not, the short answer is yes, it should be content agnostic, and I will work with you guys in the rare cases where it is not.
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] not entirely but close enough, thanks.
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] ahh, yeah that last bit helps
<rehrar> great!
<anonimal> Question:
<anonimal> rehrar: IMHO, from the work of yours I've seen, since you're an actual designer/creator/implementer, I'm wondering if you, bigreddmachine, ajs and pigeons would consider being the 'website team' to get this up-and-running. I can move the repo when we're online. Does this sound fair or something of interest?
<anonimal> It sounds like you're already doing that, I'm just wondering for my own piece of mind (e.g. do I need to re-schedule my work load for website work, etc.)
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] But not both!
<rehrar> That sounds fine with me. Pardon me for my ignorance, but what will be bigredmachine, ajs, and pigeons roles?
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] i'm happy to help with some content, as i am trying to learn about the tech anyway so documenting it is an obvious step.
<anonimal> endogenic too, hop on the site train!
<rehrar> if you can focus more on Kovri, I would do it.
<anonimal> rehrar: re: bigreddmachine ajs and pigeons, let's chat after the meeting since we're out of time
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] design-wise, i can give my two cents but i'd like to be hands off there. just more of a feedback guy, like "hey, this isn't intuative" or whatever
<rehrar> I don't think any of us have a problem bugging you if we need something.
<rehrar> I'm not able to stick around for much longer, actually.
<rehrar> We can set up a meeting time for alter this week?
<rehrar> *later
<anonimal> rehrar: just pop in anytime if you want to make an official website meeting
<rehrar> sounds good
<rehrar> gotta split. Seeya homes.
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] i can't, but just summarize discussions on github issue and tag me
<anonimal> bigreddmachine: that's right, you're not always irc'able.
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] Can I take the bot down? I'm in a YouTube show mow
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] Now
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] anonimal: i try to stay off during week to stay focused on my job.
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] anonimal: oh no not me, i was just trolling about "fair or of interest"
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] meow*
<anonimal> Ok, moving on 6. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> None from me. guzzi said like 2 lines.
<i2p-relay> [endogenic] I think pero could be of help on the site too as i think he has lots of exp there
<anonimal> 7. Confirm next meeting date/tim
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] just that i'll keep tracking FF proxy and looking for alternatives.
<i2p-relay> [bigreddmachine] 23 Apr?
<anonimal> Yes, same time in two weeks.
<i2p-relay> [fluffypony] Yep
<anonimal> Thank you everybody!

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