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Monero GUI 'Oxygen Orion' released

GUI release of Monero

作者 selsta | 5 October 2020
Category: releases

Monero 'Oxygen Orion' Minor Point Release

Minor release containing bug fixes

作者 selsta | 27 September 2020
Category: releases

Monero "Oxygen Orion" released

Major release in preparation for the October 17th network upgrade

作者 selsta, ErCiccione | 17 September 2020
Category: releases

A note on scheduled protocol upgrades

Elaboration of the reduction in frequency of scheduled protocol upgrades.

作者 dEBRUYNE, Justin Ehrenhofer, and community members | 1 September 2020
Category: community

Triptych accepted for publication

Triptych, a zero-knowledge proving system for confidential transactions, is reviewed and accepted for publication

作者 Sarang Noether, Ph.D. | 22 August 2020
Category: community

Monero will experience a network upgrade on 17th October 2020

Announcement of the upcoming network upgrade (17th October)

作者 ErCiccione | 18 August 2020
Category: community, protocol upgrade, core, crypto

Monero GUI 'Nitrogen Nebula' released

GUI release of Monero

作者 selsta | 9 August 2020
Category: releases

Monero 'Nitrogen Nebula' Minor Point Release

Minor release containing mostly bug fixes

作者 selsta | 7 August 2020
Category: releases

CLSAG audit results

Results of an external security audit of the CLSAG signature construction

作者 Sarang Noether, Ph.D. | 31 July 2020
Category: community

Logs for the Dev Meeting Held on 2020-07-19

作者 asymptotically / ErCiccione | 19 July 2020
Category: dev diaries, core, crypto