Overview and Logs for the Dev Meeting Held on 2019-10-20

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<rehrar> Alright everyone. 17 UTC.
<rehrar> Meeting time.
<rehrar> 1. Greetings
<hyc> hey
<rbrunner> Hi
<kinghat> \o/
<rehrar> small crowd today?
<sech1> hi
<rehrar> well, perhaps people will trickle in.
<rehrar> Two weeks ago I was at HCPP, so I wasn't able to be here for a meeting. Was there one?
<dEBRUYNE> I am here
<rbrunner> No, neither 1 week ago
<dEBRUYNE> I think we decided to postpone it
<rehrar> ok, so
<rehrar> 2. What's been completed since the previous meeting (a month ago)
<hyc> a lot of PRs got merged
<hyc> has the v12 forkheight been merged?
<moneromooo> You can now sync off pruned nodes.
<moneromooo> Not yet.
<dEBRUYNE> I think that will probably be on the last merge list before we branch
<dEBRUYNE> ^ rehrar
<moneromooo> vtnerd__: do you intend your latest network changes to go in for the fork ?
<vtnerd__> the one that is up for review, yes that would be the hope (provided its determined to be ready)
<vtnerd__> its not needed for the hardfork, so if you feel it should wait, then my recommendation would be to wait for a point release
<vtnerd__> the problem is that re-testing some of your recommendations are likely to take up time before the upcoming branch, but I will try
<moneromooo> I think that and pay-for-service are the only large ones left.
<moneromooo> Oh, and the defer tx verification one. Not huge either but a bit substantial.
<rehrar> are either of those expected to be in?
<moneromooo> Hopefully all of them.
<moneromooo> pay-for-service goes next, I've kept it waiting for long enough.
<hyc> sounds good
<rbrunner> Did I get that right that a PR is waiting in that batch that will cause testnet to reorg back to some much earlier blockheight?
<hyc> not that I've seen
<hyc> ?
<rbrunner> Maybe I misunderstood then, while reading something up here
<moneromooo> I said so, but I was wrong. The rules are different, but actually coincide in practice.
<rbrunner> Surprising
<rbrunner> All the better
<moneromooo> They'll stop conciding whe nthe block size shoots up.
<rbrunner> So we only need some seed nodes working for testnet … caugh … caugh
<moneromooo> gingeropolous added one, that'll be merged soon.
<rbrunner> Nice
<hyc> dEBRUYNE: didn't you get hold of fluffypony regarding seed nodes?
<dEBRUYNE> He posted an update here 1-2 days ago
<dEBRUYNE> <fluffypony> re: testnet nodes, I've been having some issues with the boxes I run, but there are other people running testnet nodes besides me
<hyc> ah, I missed that. ok
<rbrunner> Especially nice that stagenet gets a third seed node, with the only two so far probably just sitting side-by-side and offering zero redundancy
<rbrunner> well, not zero, but you get what I mean …
<rehrar> Anything else of note to discuss on what's been done this past month?
<hyc> sounds like not
<rehrar> Alrighty.
<rehrar> 3. Fork related things
<rehrar> is there anything that is needed, desired, wanted, or otherwise needs to be discussed regarding the upcoming fork.
<tevador> FYI, there will be probably RandomX 1.1.5 with some OpenBSD-related fixes
<tevador> but best if 1.1.4 is merged first (1.1.5 doesn't need any changes in monero code)
<hyc> that's PR#5980 for v1.1.4
<tevador> yes
<rehrar> ok, no other fork related topics? If not we can move on.
<rehrar> Zipping through this meeting.
<rehrar> is anyone from GUI here? dsc_ selsta
<selsta> yes we only had bug fixes recently
<selsta> GUI is ready for v0.15
<rehrar> ok
<rehrar> 4. Any Ticket/PR related questions?
<rbrunner> By the way, is there already a final name for the release? I could use it for adjusting the Windows installer. Is it now crab something?
<hyc> carbon crab?
<hyc> I don't recall a final name decision
<rbrunner> Yeah, that one
<rehrar> Where was the discussion?
<rbrunner> Me neither, that's why I ask for sure
<rehrar> We can make a decision here.
<rbrunner> I think there was some chatter in a Reddit thread once
<hyc> I think some names got tossed around in this channel a few weeks ago. but nothing decided.
<moneromooo> camelopardalis is satifyingly complicated.
<rehrar> you guys want to decide now? Or not urgent?
<hyc> oh yeah, that was my suggestion
<moneromooo> I think pony likes to leave it for a reddit vote where people can't break things
<hyc> we can do it now, there seems to be enough people present
<hyc> ah
<dEBRUYNE> Pony usually makes a Github thread and links that to reddit iirc
<rbrunner> I would also prefer a Reddit thread, more fun for the fans, so to say
<dEBRUYNE> (re: name)
<rbrunner> But why not soon, e.g. tomorrow
<tevador> does the 24th Oct code freeze still apply?
<tevador> (it should)
<hyc> there was a mention of name on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/d884zt/preliminary_information_thread_regarding_the/f2zfmr1/
<hyc> but pretty sure that was just relaying a suggestion from here on IRC
<rehrar> I can make a meta issue and link to it on the Reddit
<hyc> cool
<rbrunner> Yeah that was me, but I forgot where I got that Carbon Crab
<rbrunner> Yes, do go ahead
<dEBRUYNE> rehrar: should I ask pony first if he wants to uphold the tradition?
<hyc> (I have the previous discussion in chat logs, was in this channel a couple weeks ago)
<moneromooo> Callisto alliterates nicely too fwiw.
<rehrar> sure
<rbrunner> Hmm, yes indeed
<rbrunner> "Crab" is very short
<rehrar> Is there anything else to discuss besides the naming?
<rehrar> Kind of a free for all time.
<hyc> that's always the hardest problem in computing…
<rbrunner> So it looks surprisingly good for this code-freeze
<rehrar> it's because we extended it out an extra month?
<rehrar> Alright, well if there's nothing else to discuss, then we can go ahead and break. Doughnuts are on the table on your way out.

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