Community Crowdfunding System wallet incident

2,675.73 XMR (the entire balance) was drained from the CCS wallet on September 1, 2023. The General Fund wallet remains intact.

来自 Monero Core Team | 4 November 2023

Post-Mortem of 10-Block-Old Decoy Selection Bug

Emprical analysis of the high severity vulnerability within the reference wallet. Updating to the latest version is strongly advised.

来自 jeffro256 | 8 June 2023

Vulnerabilities identified in Monero multisignature wallet code

Some vulnerabilities have been identified in the implementation of Monero multisignature wallets

来自 binaryFate (Core Team) | 6 December 2021

Warning: The binaries of the CLI wallet were compromised for a short time

The binaries available on this website were compromised for a short time

来自 ErCiccione | 19 November 2019

Advisory note for users making use of subaddresses

Users should be aware of the privacy functionality of subaddresses

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer / knaccc | 18 October 2019

Disclosure of a Major Bug in CryptoNote Based Currencies

Patched in Monero and others, but still in the wild

来自 luigi1111 and Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni | 17 May 2017