Privacy Advocates and Hackers to Gather for Annual Monero Conference & Hackathon in Prague

MoneroKon is to take place at Paralelní Polis, Prague from 7th to 9th June 2024. The conference & hackathon is dedicated to Security, Privacy, & Decentralization.

来自 ajs | 23 May 2024

Full-Chain Membership Proofs Development

A CCS to develop Full-Chain Membership Proofs has been successfully funded.

来自 Luke "Kayaba" Parker | 27 April 2024

Post-Mortem of 10-Block-Old Decoy Selection Bug

Emprical analysis of the high severity vulnerability within the reference wallet. Updating to the latest version is strongly advised.

来自 jeffro256 | 8 June 2023

Developer Opportunities at the Monero Project

Join the Monero dev community to implement the two brand-new technologies Seraphis and Jamtis

来自 René Brunner (rbrunner7) | 2 February 2023

Monero will undergo a network upgrade on 13th August, 2022

Announcement of the upcoming network upgrade (13th August, 2022)

来自 sethforprivacy | 20 April 2022

This Year in Monero - 2022

A snapshot of statistics and social media posts to highlight Monero's growth in its 8th year.

来自 reemuru | 18 April 2022

What is Seraphis, and Why Should You Care?

Seraphis is a next-generation transaction protocol abstraction, and a candidate for Monero's next tx protocol.

来自 koe | 22 December 2021

Monero P2Pool is now live

P2Pool decentralized pool for Monero mining is live on the mainnet

来自 QuickBASIC | 5 October 2021

Post-Mortem of Decoy Selection Bugs

Patched in official wallet, update highly recommended

来自 Justin Berman (j-berman) | 20 September 2021

Bitcoin <-> Monero atomic swaps are now live

COMIT's tool to swap BTC <-> XMR is live on Mainnet.

来自 ErCiccione | 20 August 2021

General Fund 2020/2021 report

Report from the Core Team about the usage of the General Fund for the years 2020 and 2021

来自 binaryFate (Core Team) | 24 June 2021

This Year in Monero - 2021

A snapshot of statistics and social media posts to highlight Monero's growth in it's 7th year.

来自 sethforprivacy | 24 April 2021 is now available in Norwegian

Getmonero has been translated into Norwegian and is now available in 14 languages

来自 ErCiccione | 2 April 2021

Bulletproofs+ in Monero

Bulletproofs+ code is completed and ready for a security audit

来自 Sarang Noether, Ph.D. | 24 December 2020

A note on scheduled protocol upgrades

Elaboration of the reduction in frequency of scheduled protocol upgrades.

来自 dEBRUYNE, Justin Ehrenhofer, and community members | 1 September 2020

Triptych accepted for publication

Triptych, a zero-knowledge proving system for confidential transactions, is reviewed and accepted for publication

来自 Sarang Noether, Ph.D. | 22 August 2020

Monero will experience a network upgrade on 17th October 2020

Announcement of the upcoming network upgrade (17th October)

来自 ErCiccione | 18 August 2020

CLSAG audit results

Results of an external security audit of the CLSAG signature construction

来自 Sarang Noether, Ph.D. | 31 July 2020

General Fund Transparency Report (2019 - June 2020)

A report on the usage of XMR in the General Fund managed by the Core Team. Covers the years 2019 and the first half of 2020.

来自 binaryFate | 30 June 2020

Another privacy-enhancing technology added to Monero: Dandelion++

Dandelion++ has been integrated and will be available in the next release

来自 ErCiccione | 18 April 2020

Migration of the monero-site repository from Gitlab to GitHub

The repository of was migrated to GitHub

来自 ErCiccione | 13 April 2020

About supply auditability

Information on supply auditing and how it relates to assumptions and tradeoffs

来自 Sarang Noether, Ph.D.; Justin Ehrenhofer | 17 January 2020

An update from the Core Team on some technical responsibilities

Update on who is responsible for certain part of development, release and infrastructure

来自 The Core Team | 16 December 2019

The Funds Travel Rule and Monero

Monero as a platform does not interfere with the Funds Travel Rule regulatory requirements

来自 Monero Compliance Workgroup | 5 December 2019

A message from the Core Team about the General Fund

On General Fund and related matters, from the core team

来自 The Core Team | 3 December 2019

Network upgrade and release 0.15

Tentative schedule for network upgrade and release 0.15

来自 dEBRUYNE / ErCiccione | 1 October 2019

Long Payment ID Deprecation

Announcement of the deprecation of long payment IDs

来自 dEBRUYNE / Fluffypony | 4 June 2019

Monero - 2018 Year in Review

来自 | 12 February 2019

Monero Adds Blockchain Pruning and Improves Transaction Efficiency

Monero adds pruning and reduces range proof verification time with forthcoming upgrade

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer | 1 February 2019

Introducing the Monero Malware Response Workgroup Website

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer | 26 September 2018

Introducing the Monero Malware Response Workgroup Website

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer | 26 September 2018

A Post Mortem of The Burning Bug

来自 dEBRUYNE | 25 September 2018

A Post Mortem of The Multiple Counting Bug

来自 dEBRUYNE | 5 September 2018

Response to "An Empirical Analysis of Traceability in the Monero Blockchain", Version 2

A response to Malte Möser, et al.

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer (SamsungGalaxyPlayer, sgp) | 29 March 2018

A Scheduled Network Upgrade is Planned for April 6

A scheduled network upgrade is planned for April 6. To be sufficiently prepared, please run CLI v0.12.0.0 or GUI v0.12.0.0

来自 dEBRUYNE / fluffypony | 28 March 2018

Core Team Announcement

Small elaboration on the Core Team's role and an announcement on its membership

来自 The Core Team | 1 March 2018

PoW change and key reuse

Monero will tweak Cryptonight, and how key reuse can compromise your privacy

来自 dEBRYUNE, dnaleor and the Monero project | 11 February 2018

A note on fees

来自 dEBRUYNE / ArticMine | 11 December 2017

Monero Compatible Bulletproofs

来自 Sarang Noether | 7 December 2017

Workgroups and Resources

A brief overview of workgroups in Monero and the resources that are provided for them to succeed.

来自 rehrar | 13 November 2017

A Scheduled Protocol Upgrade is Planned for September 15

To be sufficiently prepared, please run CLI v0.11.0.0 or GUI v0.11.0.0

来自 dEBRUYNE / fluffypony | 13 September 2017

Overview and Logs for the Community Workgroup Meeting Held on 2017-06-18

The very first community workgroup meeting

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer (sgp_) / afighttilldeath / el00ruobuob | 18 June 2017

An Unofficial Response to "An Empirical Analysis of Linkability in the Monero Blockchain"

A community-drafted response to Andrew Miller, et al.

来自 Justin Ehrenhofer (SamsungGalaxyPlayer) and the Monero community | 19 April 2017

Announcing the Monero Celebrity Center

Providing rapid assistance to the heaviest of Monero's users!

来自 Monero Core Team | 1 April 2017

A Statement on the MWR Labs Disclosure

Clarifying some misconceptions and statements

来自 Riccardo Spagni (fluffypony) | 21 September 2016