Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2018-02-03

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<sgp> Meeting time!
<sgp> 0. Introduction
<sgp> We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Meeting!
<sgp> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/170
<sgp> Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support.
<sgp> 1. Greetings
<xmrscott[m]> Salutations
<ErCiccione> Hi
<rehrar> This guy
<sgp> @pigeons the mattermost relay is down
<sgp> 2. Community highlights
<sgp> For a great weekly summary, please read the Monero Observer: http://monero-observer.com/
<sgp> 3. Monero Integrations improvements
<sgp> cryptochangements asked to speak for a few minutes about improvements they have made to existing integrations.
<cryptochangement> ok i just got here
<cryptochangement> didnt know mattermost was down
<sgp> perfect timing :)
<cryptochangement> okay so basically, I just wanted to share that I have improved on the wordpress plugin from serhack's last FFS and made it easier for merchants to accept Monero
<cryptochangement> basically it allows people to use their viewkey with a block explorer instead of an rpc waller
<cryptochangement> *wallet
<cryptochangement> here is the reddit post I made with a video demo: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/7tkpfu/accepting_monero_with_monerointegrations_just_got/
<cryptochangement> and several more new merchants have already started using the upgraded version
<cryptochangement> there is still some concern about using a node that is not yours to validate 0 confirmation transactions which I'm still looking into, but IMO you should really just stick to the "small amounts only" rule when accepting 0 conf transactions.
<cryptochangement> Any questions?
<cryptochangement> otherwise we can move on :)
<sgp> Thanks cryptochangement
<sgp> 4. Monero outreach initiative
<sgp> Rehrar asked to discuss his idea about an outreach initiative for this workgroup.
<rehrar> yeah, and my IRC is being stupid. sec.
<rehrar> I'll just type from MM.
<sgp> Ok, looks like Mattermost relay is back up
<cryptochangements> ok cool
<rehrar> Alright, so the basic idea of this Outreach, is that we get a small subgroup of interested community members to make a list, identifying other exciting open-source projects. They don't have to be crypto or privacy created. Mostly stuff that is trying to change the world.
<rehrar> We then do what I'm calling a
<rehrar> 'Monero bomb' of this project (sorry, pressed enter by accident)
<rehrar> Where a bunch of us Monero people go to them, see what they need, and do it. Things like translations, website work, infographics, whatever.
<rehrar> Then we disappear into the night. They've just got "Monero'd"
<rehrar> The ultimate goal of something like this being to build bridges of relationship with the open source community at large, and solidify Monero's place there.
<rehrar> In its purest form, open-source is a more-or-less altruistic way to see the world change, and empower people with software, rich and poor.
<rehrar> In its purest form, it's not about the money.
<rehrar> Cryptocurrency is very strange, in that, for most projects, it's all about the money, despite being open source. It's a weird bastardization. But you see with the launch of Bitcoin, it was about changing the world by providing a better money, not about making money.
<rehrar> I like to think Monero subscribes to being like that. We're not about getting rich. We're about changing the world, and there's a lot of other projects that are trying to do that in small ways too
<ArticMine> This seems to me to e a very worthwhile project
<rehrar> Monero can show them some love, get our word out there and help them spread theirs at the same time.
<rehrar> We can help them get set up with Monero donations, etc. etc. etc. What we can accomplish for them is only limited by the skills of the volunteers we have.
<cryptochangement> sounds good, it would be awesome if we could get the coordination for that
<rehrar> This also gives a project for the many people who want to help Monero, but don't know how cuz they can't code.
<rehrar> Either way, that's my idea.
<rehrar> If we like it, I can start work on it.
<ArticMine> Of course we can look at Monero as a multi-billion dollar crypto-currency with an elaborate security model based entirely upon software freedom
<cryptochangement> I for one like it
<cryptochangement> looks like a small crowd today
<sgp> @rehrar I think the most difficult part would be finding enough participants
<rehrar> This is true.
<rehrar> Which is kind of sad, since Monero community is so big, but that's the way it goes with anything, I think.
<cryptochangement> I think we could easily find enough people in time, but coordinating volunteers to do stuff like that all together in a short-ish amount of time would probably be the bigger challenge
<sgp> Maybe a mailing list would help more than subreddit posts. Not sure
<ArticMine> There is also a lack of awareness in the Monero community as a whole as to the critical role Free Software and software freedom play in Monero
<rehrar> We can have a 'sign up sheet' where people sign up to receive emails about stuff. They say their skills, and once a month we have a new project to help.
<cryptochangement> the problem with a r/ post is that most people over there are just scrolling by with short attention spans
<rehrar> \^ ArticMine
<rehrar> Most people don't really understand open source as a whole. They know Monero IS open source, but they don't know the ideals of open source, and how it tries to change the world
<cryptochangement> the 'sign up sheet' sounds like a good idea tho
<sgp> @rehrar sounds good, as long as you include clear projects for beginners to work on
<rehrar> Then maybe we can have a sticky in the Community subreddit of the project we're helping this month
<rehrar> final though from me:
<cryptochangement> the community subbreddit is nice, but pretty small :/
<rehrar> even if all this accomplishes is tiny bits of help (financial or otherwise) toward a project, the other thing it accomplishes is spreading the word of open-source as a whole to our community, and generating awareness for other projects that some in the community might find useful
<rehrar> it's pretty easy to 'catch the vision' of Monero, when you catch the vision of open source as well.
<ArticMine> ^^ This is critical
<rehrar> In the end, isn't that the goal of the Community workgroup?
<rehrar> We try to make a better community
<rehrar> and a better community, is a community that 'gets it'
<sgp> Yes, at least imo
<ArticMine> It can be part of the role of the Monero Community
<rehrar> so it makes sense that our subreddit and stuff is small
<rehrar> cuz not many people 'get it' ;)
<sgp> @rehrar part of it is me mostly using the subreddit only for announcements
<rehrar> Either way, once again, it will make an outward focus for Monero instead of just an inward ones, which will set us apart from other crypto projects.
<rehrar> bows thank you
<cryptochangement> applauds
<rehrar> (my rant for the meeting)
<ArticMine> To me it is a recognition o the debt Monero own the FLOSS communities
<ArticMine> owes
<sgp> Yeah, I think it's a good project to have
<serhack> hi :)
<sgp> Anything else? What do you need to get started @rehrar?
<rehrar> I guess some volunteers to work with me to start compiling a list. :)
<rehrar> I'll make a Taiga for it.
<sgp> ok cool, look forward to seeing how this project evolves
<rehrar> also check out the new refreshed getkovri.org website and tell me if anything is broken for you on mobile, desktop, or tablet :D
<cryptochangement> I'd be glad to volunteer
<serhack> I like your idea rehrar
<rehrar> I like my idea too serhack ;)
<cryptochangement> so you got at least 1 or 2 already :p
<sgp> 5. FFS updates
<sgp> There are several FFS updates.
<sgp> a. Localization workgroup Q&A
<sgp> Erciccione asked to reserve some time for a localization workgroup Q&A.
<ErCiccione> thank you sgp i have a couple of things to say
<ErCiccione> first of all i wanted to apologize to the community, I'm having some personal problems since january. This caused me to work less than i wanted to (and less than what i promised in my ffs) for the localization workgroup
<ErCiccione> this means i'll recover that time on march (reclaiming the third milestone one week later)
<ErCiccione> but i have also some good news :)
<ErCiccione> thanks to rehrar's patch getmonero.org is now ready to be localized, i already set up a guide on taiga and can be found here: https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/erciccione-monero-localization/wiki/translating-monero-website
<ErCiccione> very soon i will upload on github the itlaian translation, so translator can use that as example for their Pull Requests. Also
<rehrar> woohoo!
<serhack> that's nice :)
<ErCiccione> i will publish this evening or tomorrow a reddit post asking for translators, since also getkovri was just refreshed and need to be checked and updated. The GUI is going great btw
<ErCiccione> a lot of translators, and if we are lucky we could get even 3 more translations before the code freeze
<cryptochangement> awesome
<ErCiccione> this is everything coming in my mind right now, the reddit post will be more verbose..if anybody has any question,, here to answer :)
<cryptochangement> btw @ErCiccione i'm about to squash commits for that french GUI update so it should be ready to merge soon
<ErCiccione> great, thanks cryptochangement, will leave my final review after the squash
<sgp> Thanks ErCiccione
<sgp> @michael you ready?
<ErCiccione> thank you guys
<sgp> b. RFC-HWALLET-1 project progress
<michael> Almost.
<michael> On the road problems.
<rehrar> how much time you need?
<michael> Five minutes.
<sgp> Ok, we can move to open ideas time until you are ready. Just jump in whenever
<sgp> I have an thought!
<sgp> I'm surprised we haven't discussed the possible overlap between /r/MoneroCommunity and /r/moonero before. Most large communities have fun making content (eg: dogecoin)
<cryptochangement> waits suspensfully for sgp's thought
<cryptochangement> thats an interesting way of looking at it
<sgp> Would encouraging people to make memes encourage people to contribute in other ways? Are we actually harming the community by having these two groups separate?
<cryptochangement> tbh i dont see how making memes will turn into other contributions
<sgp> It just encourages light-heartedness and lowers the barrier for initial contributions
<michael> Can only get a hotel network connection on my phone.
<cryptochangement> its an interesting idea but it might just end up as clutter
<michael> We had a hardware team meeting since the last community meeting.
<michael> For which there are minutes.
<michael> We're working on a new generation prototype, which will integrate one or more new secure elements.
<serhack> Private elements too?
<msvb-mob> Finally online, with a charged battery.
<msvb-mob> serhack: The secure elements lock secrets away from rogue firmware.
<msvb-mob> serhack: I don't know what a private element is.
<serhack> Monero is focused on privacy, I think the hardware wallet should be focused on the same goal
<rehrar> it is, serhack, no worries
<rehrar> the secure element is an actual piece of hardware
<serhack> Right.
<ArticMine> and how open in the hardware? back to the FLOSS question?
<msvb-mob> The hardware uses common parts, passive resistors, capacitors, and active LDO (power), MOSFET (transistors), and the more complex but also common MCUs and ICs.
<msvb-mob> All design, including schematic and layout, is licensed according to the CERN license.
<msvb-mob> We have rejected all NDA (nondisclosure agreements) and have no secret contacts, so this is quite Opensource. In fact even our process (project management and other docs) is.
<msvb-mob> ArticMine: Sound okay to you?
<msvb-mob> Any other hardware team questions?
<ArticMine> Yes this avoids proprietary attacks
<sgp> Thanks @msvb-mob for your update
<msvb-mob> ArticMine: Documents state 'copyright The Monero Project.'
<msvb-mob> sgp: You're welcome.
<ArticMine> You need a copyright which is then linked to a FLOSS or certain CC license
<msvb-mob> Yes, the CERN Opensource Hardware (OSH) license.
<ArticMine> This is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions
<sgp> ArticMine msvb-mob anything else you want to discuss related to this? They should have most of the details outlines on Taiga
<msvb-mob> sgp: We're done with the hardware report, thanks.
<sgp> Thanks msvb-mob
<sgp> 6. Open ideas time
<sgp> Does anyone have anything to discuss here?
<ArticMine> It seems to me this is on the right track
<sgp> Ok, since it seems quiet today, we can wrap up the meeting
<sgp> 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<sgp> The next community meeting will be two weeks from today on 17 February. The next Coffee Chat will be next week on 10 February: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/173
<sgp> 8. Conclusion
<sgp> That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on /r/MoneroCommunity and #monero-community. Take care, and know that change starts with YOU.

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