Overview and Logs for the tini2p Dev Meeting Held on 2019-10-17

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<tini2p_gitlab> 0: Greetings
<tini2p_gitlab> h
<tini2p_gitlab> 1: What's been done
<tini2p_gitlab> last week was the alpha release of tini2p
<tini2p_gitlab> the router is still in its earliest stages, and things will still be changing fairly drastically as refactors and bug fixes are made
<tini2p_gitlab> tini2p routers are capable of building ECIES tunnels, and communicating end-to-end via ECIES-X25519
<tini2p_gitlab> NTCP2 (a tcp-like transport) is fully implemented
<tini2p_gitlab> cross-implementation testing is still needed to discover and remedy any bugs (if they exist)
<tini2p_gitlab> the router is also currently compiled with a testnet netID to mitigate any communication with mainnet routers
<tini2p_gitlab> using a testnet netID means custom compilation is required to communicate with mainnet I2P routers over NTCP2
<tini2p_gitlab> I haven't added the necessary build for mainnet because tini2p isn't ready yet, and I don't want to encourage usage which may be disruptive/harmful to the network
<tini2p_gitlab> I also began work on ElGamal tunnel building (basic encryption/decryption of BuildRequestRecords is more-or-less done)
<tini2p_gitlab> 2: What's next
<tini2p_gitlab> will continue work on ElGamal tunnel building
<tini2p_gitlab> the next steps are:
<tini2p_gitlab> - serializing/deserializing ElGamal BuildRequestRecords (slightly different from ECIES records)
<tini2p_gitlab> - deriving keys for ChaCha tunnels using the ElGamal shared secret
<tini2p_gitlab> - refactoring the router context to handle ElGamal tunnel building
<tini2p_gitlab> maybe it will go quickly, but it could take a couple weeks
<tini2p_gitlab> will also work on creating test vectors for i2pd and Java I2P for cross-impl ElGamal testing
<tini2p_gitlab> will bring up KDF discussion about deriving record keys using the ElGamal shared secret
<tini2p_gitlab> for AES tunnels, deriving record keys is likely unnecessary, since any saved space would be consumed with random padding
<tini2p_gitlab> for ChaCha tunnels, the saved space is necessary for transmitting the AEAD receive key to each hop
<tini2p_gitlab> the additional 32 bytes for the AEAD key will not fit in the current space allocated for "options/random padding"
<tini2p_gitlab> + the bytes for the options header + flags
<tini2p_gitlab> will also be adding fuzz test drivers for data structures with deserialize methods as I work on other features
<tini2p_gitlab> if the KDF changes for ElGamal records are unwanted/unworkable, ElGamal tunnels will only be able to use AES for layer encryption
<tini2p_gitlab> which would effectively mean any tunnel with one ElGamal hop must use AES layer encryption for the entire tunnel
<tini2p_gitlab> if the KDF changes are accepted, ElGamal tunnels will be able to use AES and/or ChaCha layer encryption
<tini2p_gitlab> for a review of AES layer encryption: https://geti2p.net/en/docs/tunnels/implementation
<tini2p_gitlab> and ChaCha layer encryption proposal: https://geti2p.net/spec/proposals/153-chacha20-layer-encryption
<tini2p_gitlab> 3: Questions / comments
<tini2p_gitlab> much love for the lurkers
<tini2p_gitlab> 4: Next meeting time
<tini2p_gitlab> 2019-10-31 18:00 UTC
<tini2p_gitlab> @tini2p_gitlab gavels the gavels like it's never been gavelled before

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